SymXchange API

Parameter Service Mappings

Parameter Service Mappings

The operations in the SymXchange Parameter service point to various parameters and settings in Symitar Quest.

There may be operations in the list below that are not enabled in SymXchange. Additionally, there may be operations in the list below that are enabled in SymXchange, deprecated in Symitar, and not viewable in Symitar Quest.

The listed Parameter service operations use the “get” prefix. You can also use other available prefixes (search, update).

getAccountDefaultDefault Manager > Account Defaults
getAccountFieldNameAccount User Field Names
getAcctLimitAccount Limit Parameters
getAcctMembGrpDescMember Group Descriptions
getAcctRelCodeDescRelationship Code Description
getAcctTrackingTypeAccount File Tracking Type Parameters
getAcctTypeNameAccount Type Names
getAcsGlobalACS Global Parameters
getAcsServiceACS Service Parameters
getActivityFm*Not viewable in Symitar Quest
getAmortizeGlobalAmortization Global Schedules
getAmortizeLocalAmortization Local Schedules
getAnalysisFloatAnalysis CU Float Parameters
getAnalysisGlobalAnalysis Global Parameters
getAnalysisPlanAnalysis Plan Parameters
getApPmtTermsTableListSelectFieldsAP Payment Terms Tables
getApWorkFlowAP Work Flow Parameters
getAtmATM Network Parameters
getAudioMemberConnect Parameters
getBatchRcBatch Return Code Parameters
getCallItemGlobalCall/Put Item Global Schedules
getCallItemLocalCall/Put Item Local Schedules
getCardDefaultDefault Manager > Card Defaults
getCardWizCard Creation Wizard Parameters
getCashOrderVendorCash Order Vendor Parameters
getCdmCash Dispense Machine
getCheckOrderDefaultDefault Manager > Check Order Defaults
getCollateralTypeCollateral Type Parameters
getCollatrlTrackingTypeCollateral File Tracking Type Parameters
getCommentComment and Note Definitions
getConsoleFm*Not viewable in Episys Quest
getCorpTransferCorporate Transfer Parameters
getCpLetterCollection Letter Parameters
getCpWorkCardCollection Work Card Parameters
getCreditReportCredit Reporting Parameters
getCrsCredit Retrieval Parameters
getCurrencyCtrlCurrency Exchange Control
getDailyPost*Not viewable in Episys Quest
getDealerStatementBatch Control > Dealer Statement Generation
getDebtRatioApplication Debt Ratio Descriptions
getDisclosureLoan Disclosure Parameters
getDivIndexGlobalDividend Global Index Table
getDivIndexLocalDividend Local Index Table
getDivTableDividend Type Definitions
getDocExcpNoticeDocument Excp Notice Parameters
getDocTypeDefaultDefault Manager > Document Defaults
getDocumentNumberDocument Number Parameters
getEpisysDbExtractEpisys Database Extract Parameters
getEscrowAnalysisEscrow Analsyis Parameters
getEscrowTypeEscrow Type Parameters
getExtLoanExternal Loan Processing Parameters
getGlCategoryGL Category Parameters
getGlCodeGL Distribution Tables
getGlTableGL Distribution Tables
getGlTrackingTypeGL Tracking Type Parameters
getGlxLateGL Translation Table
getIdentIdTypeDescID Type Descriptions
getImagingImaging Parameters
getInqDefinition*Not viewable in Episys Quest
getInsTableInsurance Tables
getInsTypeInsurance Types
getInstitutionInstitution Branch Addresses
getIntIndexInterest Rate Index Parameters
getIntTypeInterest Type Parameters
getInventoryCopiedFldsInventory Copied Fields Definitions
getInventoryDefaultDefault Manager > Inventory Defaults
getInventoryFieldNameInventory User Field Names
getInventoryTypeInventory Type Parameters
getItcFraudITC Fraud Vendor Rules Parameters
getItcInstallationITC Installation Parameters
getJavaMinPagedListSelectFields*Not viewable in Episys Quest
getLateChgLate Charge Types
getLnSegmentDefaultDefault Manager > Segment Defaults
getLoanAppCopiedFldsApplication Copied Fields Definitions
getLoanAppDefaultDefault Manager > Application Defaults
getLoanAppDenialApplication Denial Notice Specfiles
getLoanAppFieldNameApplication User Field Names
getLoanAppFormPktApplication Form Packets Specfiles
getLoanAppMiscApplication Miscellaneous Parameters
getLoanAppPrintAppApplication Printing Specfiles
getLoanAppReusedFldsApplication Reused Field Definitions
getLoanAppVerFormApplication Verification Forms Specfiles
getLoanAppViewAppApplication Viewing Specfiles
getLoanAppWorkFlowApplication Work Flow Definition
getLoanDefaultDefault Manager > Loan Defaults
getLoanFieldNameLoan User Field Names
getLoanTypeIdRangeLoan Type ID Ranges
getLookupTypeNameLookup Type Names
getMiscMiscellaneous Parameters
getMiscPmtMiscellaneous Payment Parameters
getMoProductMoney Order Parameters
getNameFieldNameName User Field Names
getNcua5300NCUA 5300 Call Report Parameters
getNonRegCcNon-Reg CC Check Hold Parameters
getNoticeNotices Messages
getOnlineBlockOnline Blocking Parameters
getOnlineCardOnline Card Parameters
getOnlineFeeOnline Fee Parameters
getOnlineFileOnline File Update Parameters
getOnlineMainOnline Main Parameters
getOnlineNetOnline Network Parameters
getOnlineOutletOnline Shared Branch Outlet Parameters
getOnlineSbAddOnOnline Shared Branch Add-on Parameters
getOnlineSbaOnline Shared Branch Acquirer Parameters
getOnlineSbiOnline Shared Branch Issuer Parameters
getParam360View360 View Parameters
getParameterCAUTION:Do not use this operation. This operation requests the Parameter root record and any combination of children records.
getPartStatement*Not viewable in Episys Quest
getPartTrackingTypeDealer File Tracking Type Parameters
getParticipantFieldNameDealer User Field Names Parameters
getPayCalcPayment Calculation Types
getPeriodicMtgPeriodic Mtg Criteria Parameters
getPlanDefaultDefault Manager > Reserve Plan Defaults
getPlanFieldNameReserve Plan User Field Names Parameters
getPmtAppMethodPayment Application Methods
getPreferenceDefaultDefault Manager > Preference Defaults
getPrivGroupSecurity Privilege Group Parameters Important: Currently, only the Description and Security Amount fields are included in the response.
getRegCcRegulation CC Parameters
getScreenDefinitionScreen Definitions
getSecFieldField Control Parameters
getSecuritySecurity Parameters
getShareDefaultDefault Manager > Share Defaults
getShareFieldNameShare User Field Names
getStatementStatement Messages
getStmtMailNameStatement Mail Code Names Parameters
getStmtMessagesListSelectFieldsStatement Messages
getStockStock Parameters
getSycClientSymConnect Client-Specific Parameters
getSycGeneral*Not viewable in Episys Quest
getSymXDeviceMapListSelectFields*Not viewable in Episys Quest
getSymXGeneralListSelectFields*Not viewable in Episys Quest
getSymXInstanceListSelectFields*Not viewable in Episys Quest
getSynapsysMrmSynapsys MRM Parameters
getTcProductTravelers Check Descriptions
getTellerFeeTeller Transaction General Fees
getTellerTranFeeTeller Transaction general Fees
getTellerTranValidateTeller Transaction Validation Parameters
getTpt*Not viewable in Episys Quest
getTrackingCodeApplication Tracking Code Descriptions
getUserFmUser File Tracking Type Parameters
getUserTrackingFmUser File Tracking Type Parameters
getUserTrackingTypeUser File Tracking Type Parameters
getWarningsWarning Parameters
getWdFeeWithdrawal Fee Types
getWestUnCommCodeWestern Union Transfer Comment Code Parameters
getWireBfcWire Business Function Code Parameters
getWireCorpVerWire Member Verification Parameters
getWireIdCodeWire ID Code Parameters
getWireInCmtCodeWire Incoming Comment Code Parameters
getWireMiscWire Miscellaneous Parameters
getWireOutCmtCodeWire Outgoing Comment Code Parameters
getWireTypeCodeWire Type Code Parameters
getWorkFlowRepGenApplication Work Flow Specfile Events
getYellowHammerSelectFieldsYellow Hammer Parameters

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