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Vendor Integration Program (VIP)

Vendor Integration Program (VIP)
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The VIP program provides integration guidance and certification for third parties who integrate their solution with Jack Henry.

Over ten years ago, Jack Henry™ saw the need for open integration banking and created the Vendor Integration Program (VIP), empowering vendors to easily integrate their products with our core platforms. With a goal of making third-party communication with our cores and other solutions as easy as possible, we’ve provided future-ready financial institutions with the ability to deliver quick, competitive solutions to customers and members.

Our innovative program offers companies direct access to Jack Henry’s technical resources for successful integration with Jack Henry core platforms. We work together to streamline development, enhance productivity, and shorten communication channels so integration issues are resolved efficiently. This also enables quick deployment of new products and results in a win-win for both vendors and our mutual customers.

For current and future Jack Henry customers
For third party companies interested in the VIP
Learn more about the VIP experience for third party vendors and how to get started.
Learn more about the VIP
Please visit www.jackhenry.com/for-vendors for additional VIP-related content.

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