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Where is the best place to start my jXchange environment development journey?

It is best to understand the jXchange environment and its associated providers before starting to develop the APIs within your application.

The following documents are required reading before any work begins on any new jXchange consumer integration. These contain crucial information needed before development using the jXchange environment or working with the associated providers.

Required Reading: jXchange Environment

Required Reading: Provider Specific

Additional Helpful Information

What Development Options are Available?

To develop within the jXchange environment, we offer two methods of communication. Via SOAP and via REST-Legacy, a wrapper service using JSON to send RESTful calls to our SOAP environment. Information on the two methods may be found within the Development section of this portal.

REST-Legacy Nomenclature
Usage of the term legacy in the naming of the REST-Legacy development method is intended to notate the use of the newer RESTful method to call our legacy SOAP APIs.

How To Obtain Credentials?

  • If you are a Jack Henry client, please log a case via the For Clients Portal.
  • If you are a VIP Member, you should have gotten credentials at the start of your project, please log a case via the Vendor Portal.
  • If you are not a Jack Henry customer or VIP member, please see the Vendor Integration Program (VIP) section for information on joining the Vendor Integration Program or request a temporary set of credentials below.

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Last updated Thu Jul 14 2022