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Introduction to

The Jack Henry Wires API is based on REST and has predictable resource-oriented URLs. The Jack Henry Wires API uses standard HTTP verbs and status codes and returns JSON-encoded responses.

The Jack Henry Wires API protects access to user data using OAuth 2.0 . The user’s login credentials are never shared with third party apps. Authorization is provided to third party applications via an access_token.

The Jack Henry Wires API provides authenticated user identity information using OpenID Connect (OIDC). With OpenID Connect, third party apps are provided authenticated information about the user in the form of an identity_token.

Both the access_token and identity_token are encrypted in JSON Web Token format.

Base URL

See the Base URL topic.


See the Versioning topic.

API credentials


Testing/development credentials are only available to JH partner banks and VIP participating vendors.

  • If you are a partner bank, please submit For Clients Case and ask it to be routed to EIS Adoption.
  • For VIP participants, submit a Vendor/Partner Portal case.


Client Authentication:

  • client_id
  • client_secret
Keep it secret
It is important to keep the client_id and client_secret values secret and not leak it through some kind of frontend, client-accessible JavaScript call.
Don't share or commit it

Do not share credentials via unsecured channels (e.g. email or instant messaging)

Similarly, do not commit credentials to your source code repository.

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