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Jack Henry Wires is a next-generation, cloud-native wires solution that supports incoming and outgoing domestic and international wires. It leverages Jack Henry’s Common Shared Services (CSS) software engineering strategy and is a multi-tenant, cloud-first, Microsoft Azure, fully hosted solution. The responsive user interface resides inside JHA Xperience™.

For domestic wire transfers, banks and credit unions can use the FedWire Funds Service products – FedLine Advantage and FedLine Direct. It supports the entry and processing of wire transfer information currently required by FAIM 4.0 and will support the future requirements of ISO 20022.

Jack Henry Wires will initially be integrated with Jack Henry’s core systems and leverage APIs for easy integration with Jack Henry’s digital solutions as well as third-party solutions.

Learn more about Jack Henry’s payment solutions, or contact us at payments@jackhenry.com for more information or to schedule a demonstration of our payment solutions.

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Last updated Thu Jul 14 2022