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Push Service Requirements

By creating an EES PUSH subscription endpoint, you are agreeing to become a provider for Enterprise Integration Services (EES), and along with it the provider tenants JHA has specified.

  • Push subscribers are to perform authentication and then respond with the appropriate XML and close the connection.
  • Any interrogation of the payload should occur after the connection is closed.
  • The delivery of unwanted events does not constitute an error condition and the refusal of a payload.
  • It must also conform to the JHA defined contracts (XSD/WSDL)
  • The endpoint should be SSL with at least TLS 1.2.
  • The SSL certificates are server side only, but our servers will need to trust the publisher. You will be responsible for providing and maintaining the certificates since it will reside on your servers. JHA will not allow the use of self-signed certificates. It must be from a known Trusted CA.
  • For the endpoint, we recommend basic client http over SSL as it is the least problematic binding but do allow others.
  • To ensure JHA’s Enterprise Event Service is as performant as possible, it is expected EES PUSH subscribers provide a service that is performant and does not impede the ability of JHA’s EES service to deliver payloads in a timely and efficient manner.
  • We require the use of Domain Names instead of IP addresses. For SSL certificates, there must be a published FQDN.
  • Before a subscription is allowed in a production location, the Product Adoption team must be allowed to test the subscribers PUSH service with events to ensure the consumer is abiding by the required tenants and behaviors.

EES Resource Documents

You can download the following documents for review from the Developer Downloads and Resource Center location:

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Last updated Thu Jul 14 2022