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Jack Henry strives to modernize data integration for Jack Henry Financial Institutions. With that in mind we are focusing on three key areas of improvement.

  • To create a flexible environment for data integration
  • Enhance data options for financial institutions, Jack Henry products, and third-party FinTechs
  • Standardize data storage and access.

To achieve this goal, a new framework has been developed, introducing the state-of-the-art data exchange solution called Data Broker. This solution revolutionizes data exchange, enabling efficient integration across systems and applications. The architecture leverages Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for its on-demand capacity, robust security, and reliable data access options. By transitioning to GCP and implementing standardized data movement and transformation patterns, Jack Henry can achieve a more agile environment supporting diverse customer use cases and future data requirements.

To enhance data options for financial institutions, it will offer three standardized forms of data:

  • Canonicalized: Canonicalized data provides a consistent and uniform format for easier comparison and analysis.
  • Dereference: Dereference data translates abbreviated information into human-readable form, improving understanding and utilization.
  • Raw: Raw data remains unprocessed, offering flexibility, historical preservation, and reduced load on source systems.

To standardize data storage and access, Google’s BigQuery and BigQuery Analytics Hub provide a robust data exchange solution. This strategy segregates multi-tenant data into single-tenant datasets for enhanced security and ease of operations. BigQuery Analytics Hub allows secure data sharing with external parties while maintaining granular control over access and permissions. Put differently, this solution ensures controlled access, seamless collaboration, and efficient data exchange, empowering financial institutions to leverage their data assets while maintaining security and privacy controls.

In conclusion, the modernization of data integration using the Data Broker solution and GCP provides Jack Henry Financial Institutions with a scalable and agile data infrastructure, ensuring efficient data management, compliance with data regulations, and a competitive edge in the financial industry.

Jack Henry Data Broker Put Simply

Standardizing data storage and access using Google Cloud Platforms’s BigQuery and BigQuery Analytics Hub to provide a robust data exchange solution.

Data Broker
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Last updated Fri Feb 16 2024