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Sharing the news about your plugin is a key part of launching your project.

In this guide, we will cover some things to consider which may be helpful when sharing on social media.


You’ll want to have completed the development of your plugin.

Make sure that your plugin works in:

  • Banno Online
  • Banno Mobile (Android)
  • Banno Mobile (iOS)

Social media best practices and guidelines

For 3rd Party Fintechs who wish to promote their integration announcement

Jack Henry is passionate about helping community and regional financial institutions better compete in the market by delivering more combinations of innovative technology. Your successful integration with the Banno Digital Toolkit is a great example of how our platform is open, and Jack Henry welcomes your solution into our technology ecosystem.

Social media is a terrific way to make a public announcement about your integration, so please follow these best practices and guidelines.

Here’s an example of a post that we recommend

[Your Fintech Name] completed an API integration with Jack Henry’s digital banking platform!

We used the Banno Digital Toolkit to easily and quickly embed [name of your solution or application] technology
directly into Jack Henry’s digital banking platform, making it easy for community and regional financial institutions
to deliver [description of the value your solution brings] to account holders.

Together we are delivering better, differentiated, and seamless digital banking experiences.

#IntegratingwithJackHenry #ToolkitIntegration #fintech

To help people understand what makes this announcement relevant and exciting, we encourage you to share details about the value that your solution brings to the Jack Henry technology ecosystem.

Tag us!
BEST PRACTICE: For a measurable increase in the engagement of your post, please tag Jack Henry in your post.

Jack Henry will be happy to join in on a social conversation with you, so we encourage you to share what it has been like working with us and the Digital Toolkit.

Before posting on social media

Do not use the Jack Henry logo
You can use our name “Jack Henry” in the copy of your social post announcement, but you are not permitted to feature our logo in your graphics.
Don’t use the words “partner” or “partnership” in your copy.
Please send a copy of your social post (with images and text) to before posting to social media. Thank you!

Next steps

Start thinking about building the next iteration of your plugin (or perhaps a new plugin).

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Last updated Mon Jul 24 2023