External Applications

Plugins require a set of credentials to be configured as an External Application in the Banno People app. The back office administrator at your financial institution can do this for you in the External applications section of Banno People.

If you are developing using a Jack Henry test environment, you will not have access to Banno People. In this case, Jack Henry is the acting administrator of the financial institution and you will have to contact us for any Banno People operations.

Plugin - Setup a new external application

First, the administrator must select Custom name as the type of external application. They will need to enter a name for these credentials.

Next, the administrator must select a Link type of PluginCard. They will need to enter a name for the Link title.

Finally, the administrator must enter your Redirect URI and click the save button. The Redirect URI (and the auto-generated Client ID and Client Secret) are what you’ll use to authenticate with Banno using OAuth/OpenID Connect. See the Authentication topic for more details.

Order of Redirect URIs

It is possible to add more than one Redirect URI. However, the order is important.

  • The Redirect URI that handles your initial authentication flow for your plugin needs to appear 1st in the Redirect URI list. Banno’s Dashboard UI expects to call the 1st Redirect URI to render the plugin’s card face.
  • The order is not important for any other Redirect URIs in the list.

The External Application is what you’ll use when configuring your plugin.