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Access Tokens

Access Tokens are encoded in JSON Web Token (JWT) format.

Obtaining an Access Token

Understanding Your Development Experience
Are you a financial institution?

If you are a financial institution or working directly with a financial institution, you should work with the back office administrator at your institution to get appropriate access to the Admin API.

Are you a fintech or independent developer?

If you are a fintech or other developer working without a financial institution, you are likely using the JackHenry.Dev developer portal. In this case, you will not have access to the Banno Back Office.

Client Credentials Flow

An Access Token is obtained via the OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials flow.

Authenticating to the Admin API requires an External Application configuration to be created within the Banno back office.

The back office administrator at your financial institution can do this for you in the Users & Groups section of Banno.

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Last updated Mon Jul 17 2023